Hello Rain

It's raining. A lot.

Thinking there will be a lot of low spots underwater later today if it continues to rain at the rate it is now. I'm not worried though. I'm far enough from the river for it not to be an issue---at least it hasn't been so far.

Driving to work today I was amazed by how high the river has gotten. I get that millions of little drops of water tend to converge and accumulate and form big bodies of water, but the end result is still just...well, amazing.
grand tetons

Hello snow

So I woke to more than a foot of snow on the ground. Hello snow. It was snowing last night, so all the white stuff didn't surprise me...the amount of it, however, was not what I'd expected. The weatherman had said six to eight inches. Thinking fourteen is a lot more than that. But what do I know.

I shoveled out my car. That took a good half hour or better. Then I went to the gym. Figured I could get in a shorter workout but still I'd have something to show for my effort. Well, something more than just the amount of white stuff I'd moved around.

But the parking lot for the gym was not plowed. I managed to bore my way in, but didn't want to risk getting stuck. Or being plowed in when the guy finally showed up to clear it. So, I elected to skip the workout.


I am apparently not a Scorpio as I've always thought, but Virgo. Hunh.

I've known for some time that the astrology of the zodiac is less than perfect---but I hadn't realized how far everything had shifted. And while it is a curious fact, it isn't something to get overly excited about. It's not like my horoscope was something of endless fascination or the predictions were particularly accurate.

the new arrangement is:
Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18- May 13
Taurus: May 13- June 21
Gemini: June 21- July 20
Cancer: July 20- Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10- Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16- Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30- Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23- Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17- Jan. 20

What I want to know now is when will we see a character assessment for Ophiuchus? When will they get a prediction in the paper with the rest of us? :-)

Best things in life are an accident.

Okay...on Discovery...there is a show on how "Beer Saved the World."

How can I not watch this?

Apparently, we started agriculture because we needed more barley to make more beer.
This does not surprise me.

They actually made beer more than three thousand years before they were baking bread.
Mind you, not the beer we drink today. But, hey, we aren't wearing the same clothing either. Most good stuff evolves.

It was likely an accident. Stored wild barley that got flooded and fermented courtesy of wild yeast.
Go yeast. :-)

And once we've got agriculture, we need to keep records of who planted what and how much and the level of production. Because, hey, beer is riding on this. LOL.

So we get writing, and law and a whole host of other things. Beer was essential to the foundation agriculture, math, writing and society in general.

Who knew?
grand tetons

It's damned cold out

Weatherman said it would be cold...I'm thinking it's damned cold. It's single digits, negative single digits actually.

That wasnt' entirely unexpected. It was clear last night. Stars always amazing on nights like that. Shame it's too damned cold to be outside looking at them for long.

I consider it a blessing that the wind isn't blowing. Subzero is not really intolerable until the wind gets into the act. Then it doesn't matter how many layers you've got on, it just isn't enough.

Another monday,,,and I feel like ranting

So, I'm in the gym today...the way I normally am on Monday morning. And the radio is on, as it usually is. I don't typically pay much attention to the radio; it is just background noise, a little company since I'm normally in the gym alone. Not a lot of people willing to be up at 5 AM to work out. Weird, I know. So anyway, a commercial comes on the radio for some new diet pill.

Can I just say for the record---the only way to lose weight and be healthy is through diet and exercise. There is no magic fucking pill that will make you thin and beautiful. There just isn't.

I get that people are gullible. Hell, most advertising campaigns bank on that fact. But come on, all these supposedly desperate, overweight individuals cannot keep deluding themselves forever...can they? Apparently they can.

So many of them start their testimonials with, "I've tried everything and nothing works." Really, you tried everything? Hunh. Evidently everything doesn't include just taking a walk on a daily basis and backing away from the table without eating enough to feed three people. Apparently trying everything doesn't include avoiding fast food, or working up a sweat now and again.

I get how hard it is to lose weight. Believe me, this I understand. Not like rousting my ass out of bed at five am is easy. It would be a hell of a lot easier to just stay under my nice warm blankets, especially when it's all of ten degrees outside. But really, it's not that damn hard. And it certainly costs less than another bottle of pills or a workout machine that will only serve as a towel rack and a workout DVD that the shrink wrap seal will never be broken on.

I'm tired of all the ads about magic pills and miracle diets and mythical workout routines that will not leave you sweaty and tired. Jesus, people. If you really want to slim down, get in shape, feel good about yourself, and all the other bullshit the ads claim they can give you---suck it up and do it the right way. Push yourselves a little and quit expecting the weight to just melt away.

If any part of my body ever started to melt...this is not cause for joy. I'd be dialing 911 in a fucking panic. Just staying.

I get there are genuine physical limitations---bad knees, bad hips, bad heart---that could keep someone from undertaking strenuous exercise. But really, most of the people you see and hear on these commercials, they don't have those problems. They aren't suffering from anything that would make it impossible to take a yoga class, ride a bike or just take a walk other than being outright lazy.

And I don't think everyone on the planet needs to be a size 3 to be attractive. But I do think that anyone who can't go up one flight of stairs without sounding like they are having an asthma attack should consider some serious reevaluation of their lifestyle.

Okay, I'm done ranting now.

Shortest day of the year

Today is the shortest day of the year---well, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere at any rate. From here on out, the days get longer. Not by a lot, but still, they get longer.

While I may not notice that I've put my shirt on backwards, or that my socks don't match, or that they've torn down one of the local fast food restaurants, I never fail to notice the sun rising one minute sooner and staying one minute longer. Weird, I know.

I sometimes wish I lived when the rhythm of the seasons was what determined the pace of life. When the turning hands of a clock weren't so important. When what we did and when we did it was determined not by ever pressing artificial deadlines of our own creation but by the orbit of the earth.

I sometimes wonder if time would move differently if I were less conscious of it passing. If I didn't know it was 2010 and soon to be 2011...if every day wasn't numbered...if every hour wasn't named...if every month wasn't labeled. Would it matter so much? Would I feel as though it were slipping away so quickly?

Christmas seems to arrive faster every year. Logically, I know the year isn't any shorter---no one has stolen weeks or months---but it certainly feels that way.

Frigid the weatherman says

It is frigid here. The weatherman says so.
According to the bank clock, we are at single digits. Hunh. I'm guessing frigid means anything less than ten degrees. Damned cold must not start until it's below zero.

Kind of like that, although it is merely frigid out, I did not have to scrape frost from my windows. Too cold, air won't hold much moisture. THis is also evidenced by the way my skin is drying out at an astonishing rate. Oy. hello moisturizer, my new best friend.

There is always a first time

Taking things for granted is human nature. If we see it there, we forget that it hasn't always been there. No matter what 'it' is, we get used to it, and it becomes part of our world view.

On yahoo today, one of the little news items was about the oldest photograph with the image of a person. We see photos all the time, and honestly, it's hard to remember a time when there weren't images of people plastered everywhere.

I found it fascinating to know that the first picture with a person was taken in 1838. And it wasn't actually done as a portrait---it was more an accident. The guy just happened to be there and sat still long enough for his image to be processed.

The credit for photographing a human for the first time is generally given to Louis Daguerre, the inventor of the daguerreotype process. In an 1838 photo he took of Paris, Daguerre caught an image of a man who appears to be getting his shoes or boots shined at a street corner.

Daguerre's process involved exposing a chemically treated metal plate for several minutes. If someone or something was moving within the frame, it wouldn't show up in a daguerreotype photo. But since this person remained relatively stationary as the image was captured, he showed up in the picture. The anonymous Parisian thus gets credit for being the first person ever to have his picture taken.

I wonder what they'd make of the pictures we take today.